Slowthai In Concert

Slowthai In Concert
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Slowthai is an artist that, I'm ashamed to say, I hadn't heard of 2 years ago. I remember the day I was introduced to him- it was at London MC Oscar Worldpeace's first headline London show. Thai was the opening act. He came on stage shirt off, rapping with such force and potency that had the crowd going wild.

When we found out that the Southampton native would be performing in one of East London’s most iconic venues (Hoxton Hall), we knew we had to attend to witness this raw (and rare!) energy again.

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Looking down at the eager crowd (we opted for what we thought to be the safer option at the time and sat at the second level). The crowd was buzzing way before Slowthai even got near the stage.

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The gig starts with a coffin walked through the crowd and onto the stage with Slowthai bursting out performing opening track R.I.P from his EP  “I WISH I KNEW” (available through Bonesoda) A six track EP that expresses his ‘no fucks given’ attitude, and a desire for a lifestyle of comfort for himself and those around him. Slowthai is someone who isn’t afraid to take risks or mess with the statuesque.

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Thai's aura is infectious and his bold fearless persona is what had the crowd moshing from start to finish. He isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty, diving into the crowd with nothing but his boxers on. An awesome rising star and just an awesome all-round guy- he gives the crowd 110% of himself every time he jumps onto the mic.

Slowthai releases new visuals today for 'North Nights' produced by regular collaborator Kwes Darko. Also, the video is produced by THE REST, who is also a main contributor to Slowthai's iconic visuals. Kudos to Thai and his team! If y’all haven’t already jumped on this guy, make sure you get on it. This one is about to blow!

Photography: Sofia Farnesi

Words: Safiya Yekwai