Oscar #worldpeace: "No Meaningless Lyrics"

Oscar #worldpeace: "No Meaningless Lyrics"

211 Girls ventured into the famous North London town of Tottenham to have a quick chat with its newest rising star- rapper, Oscar #worldpeace


211 Girls: You are known for your slogan 'No Meaningless Lyrics'. Why is this slogan so important to you and what is your opinion on the current 'urban' scene? 

Oscar: I'm just very aware of the importance and impact of words. The things you say tell your story, and can also let others know what type of person you are.

As for the UK underground scene; I believe we are in a great place currently. However,  I feel like there is still much more to come. This isn't the final level- this isn't the M. Bison. 

As an upcoming artist, what is your mind-set going into this industry? 

I always have to remind myself that nothing is owed to me. No matter how frustrated or worthless I feel, I have to keep some sort of composure and remember that nothing is owed to anybody on this earth.

If you could share a stage with any other artist (dead or alive), who would it be and why?

I'd love to do a super show with my peers- Myself, Ragz, 808ink, Daniel OG and Slowthai. I’d also love to share a stage with Oasis or Ebo Taylor, because that's all I've been listening to recently.

Are the people around you (family, friends, etc) supportive of your career choice? 

They are very supportive. I've always been a person to march to the beat of my own drum, so for me to take risks and do my own thing- it is not far from their expectations.

Mass recognition and accolades… how important are these things to you on this journey? 

Any type of love, support or acknowledgement is important, because when you're doing music, it can get lonely at times. You can often feel like you're the only person that understands what you're going through. For that reason, any type of appreciation or inspiration goes a long way for me. 

How did your collaboration with Mike Skinner (The Streets) come about? The remix to 'Tate Modern' is sick

Mike was the first person to reach out to me when I dropped 'Mook'. He's been a mentor ever since!

If somebody were to ask to spend a day with you in Tottenham- where would you take them? How would you spend the day? 

We'll go to Bodyworks Gym and do a light session, some cardio; and then depending on what day, we'll also do some weight training and an abs session.

Straight after that, we'll head to the Garden House Cafe and get a 'Tottenham Special'- no chips. We'd digest that and if the weather is nice, we'll link up with some of my friends and probably kick some ball at Willoughby Lane or Bruce Castle Park.

Following that, we could then go back to mine, maybe make a beat, chat, have a laugh and play some Fifa. Then I would send you home... because you can't stay over (haha)

Tottenham now has a reputation for being a talent 'powerhouse' (Skepta, Adele, Wretch 32, etc). What do you think it is about Tottenham that is producing such great artists? 

I think it's because of the history of Tottenham and the cultural diversity of the area. We are all surrounded by way too much stuff- so we all have a story to tell. Our story is always from an 'overcoming' perspective, and that speaks to people. 

Highlights of your career so far? 

I haven't looked back yet. I would have to say that the best is yet to come.

What is your cultural background and what influence has this had on your career and sound? 

My Mum is of Jamaican descent and my Dad is of Ghanaian descent, but they were both raised here in the UK. I was raised on a lot of UK Jungle and Garage, as that was what they were raving to in their youth. My Grandparents also played a lot of Highlife (traditional Ghanaian party/dance music) and Reggae. I definitely hear elements of these genres in my work and my overall sound.  

Anything we should be looking forward to?

Look out for the whole Mini Kingz family: Ragz Originale, Rolo, Epxcs and Cartae 


Text: Sandra Omari

Photography: Amber Grace Dixon

Stylist: Safiya Yekwai