211 Meets Bully Baxter

211 Meets Bully Baxter

211 Girls Meets one of the rising stars in the London Menswear fashion scene, check out what Barnaby Baxter AKA Bully Baxter had to say on fashion, music and some other stuff in-between... 

What would be three tracks that you would have to have playing at your debut fashion show?

That's a hard one, I make music and I make complete bangers every time so it's a hard one but, if I couldn't use my own songs and my computer blew up and I went into a coma and couldn't get to my computer and bounce any tracks or tell anyone where to find them or what the file names were I write a hand written scroll with these songs: Lil B - I'm God, Riff Raff - Time, N*E*R*D - Laser Gun. They wouldn't work well together but they are all individually bangers.


Whats your earliest memory of wanting to be a designer?

I used to walk around in fine silks as a child, bathing in fine fabrics and dancing in Egyptian linen under the dark of night with a passion for fashion glowing in my soul. I'm joking. I didn't really know I wanted to be a designer until the opportunity came up. I've always been a massive bape head and loved BBC and Ice Cream when they came out and that whole streetwear culture was always really cool to me. When those Ato Matsumoto trainers came out and everyone was trying to be that guy with the rarest shit, that's when I was at my little clothes kid stage tryna be the guy with the rarest stuff and walking round with the pristine patent leather roadstas and all that shit. That was my most fashion type of point. But then I kind of grew out of that, I think that's like the whole off white belt stage people are at now. When you see a kid with his off white belt, the fucking raf shoes and all that, that's a person at they're fashion stage walking around like yeah bitch I'm a fashion guy. You definitely grow out of that and then start to properly appreciate clothes for what they are and understand the subtleties and what makes a garment a really fucking cool garment. I got to that stage mid way through studying my degree in menswear and I'm only still kind of figuring out how to make actually beautiful clothes. But yeah I don't have some fashion story, I'm an all rounder at the end of the day, I make music, I make clothes and have a whole bunch of different avenues. If you really understand how to make a something beautiful, then you can design something properly. And there's a hundred ways to make something beautiful, it could be an old man on a merry go round shouting at the world to never give up - check @sindhuworld on Instagram quick for that reference - and that's beautiful.


In 5 words describe Bully Baxter as a brand?

To be 109% with you I don't even know if That's a brand or like a project or what it even is. It's like a seed, and it's growing into a tree but right now I'm planting a fuck load of seeds. I don't even know how to describe it in 3 words it's kind of like asking me to describe myself in 3 words I think you need to ask someone else to do it. If I answer that question I'm gonna say, beautiful, gargantuan and fucking powerful. 

Where did you draw inspiration from for your last collection? What person real or imaginery would you like to see in your clothes?

Well basically when I was 18 I was a little mug and ended up getting arrested and they tried to charge me with burglary and had like 4 months of court case build up and lawyers and stuff and pure stress. The thing is actually that's like a super normal thing for a fuck load of people around here and I think all over the world. At the end of the day anyone can go down a fucked up route relatively quickly and kind of get stuck there. Too many people never leave the place they grew up because they are fully stuck in the mud and when your everyday reality is the mud it's very easy to think it's normal and that's the way life is and the way life will always be. You know how many people sit at home with an 8ball night after night and go nowhere. It's so easy to get trapped and it can be hard to just rhino yourself out of the cage and fly off like a fucking eagle. This last collection is about that, it's about picking up your pieces while there falling apart and just fucking smashing your way out of there. You just need to do it. Get the fuck out and fly away like a beautiful bird.


What do you think of London fashion and style?

I don't know what London style is it's probably grime right now. It's definitely not the Instagram kids wearing all that type of stuff but that's definitely what you see most of. But an authentic London style is probably the tracksuit and a big fucking parka and some air forces or 95s or 90s, a fake Gucci beanie, fake Gucci belt, probably a bit of true religion matching the Ralph or something. But it's good.


Whats been the highlight of your career so far?

I don't even know, I went to china and met this beautiful Chinese girl and that was pretty cool, we did some crazy shit in hotel rooms but to be honest I don't even think I've started my career yet, I'm still at uni so that's all on it way. Highlight is probably when your loan first comes in and you get 5 guys and some trainers.

The year is drawing to a close, what do you have in store for Bully Baxter for 2018?

I'm on my final collection and it's a big one. It might even be the greatest thing ever made.

Whats your life Motto?



Bully Baxter

Photography: Amber Grace Dixon

Model: Ethan Richards

Interview: Safiya Yekwai