The Orange Soda Film Club

Orange Soda was the name of Kel’s favourite beverage (hope y’all caught that reference!), and is now the name of the coolest film club to hit London! Last Sunday, 211 Girls ventured down to South London’s Whirled Cinema to check out The Orange Soda Film Club's second movie showing event, where they screened the 90s cult classic film ‘Kids’.

The Orange Soda Film Club was started by a group of friends who are all involved in different areas of the creative industry. Their aim was to create a movie club that focused on showcasing classic movies from genres that they felt were not being represented in the current independent film scene. They wanted to show films that spoke to them and their generation.  The clubs debut screening featured the infamous black American comedy 'Friday' starring Ice Cube and comedian, Chris Tucker. From 'Friday' to indie classics such as 'Kids; you can already tell that this is a movie club to be part of.

Hidden away under a railway track, this cinema had a real intimate cosy vibe about it, which was matched by the welcoming and down-to-earth vibe of the Orange Soda gang. From the jump, you could tell that this event would be more of an 'experience' and not your average trip down to your local Odeon. For starters, they had DJ Skillit playing pre-movie club bangers and 90s classics to get you in the mood. Then to top it off- refreshments were included! (popcorn and Miranda soda- well, it wouldn't be Orange Soda Club without Orange Soda haha) If that wasn't enough… they brought out ice-cream for everyone too! Yes, these guys really know how to spoil you!

As you may have already gathered- we had a blast! It was a really nice way to spend a chilled Sunday afternoon. 211 Girls are definitely excited to see what throwback flick they have in store for us next month.

Safiya x


I still cannot believe that I had never heard of or watched this film before! I really don't know what rock I have been living under in East London (smh). After my first viewing, I can really see why this film has become such a cult indie classic! Kids (1995) is based on a day in the life of a sexually active and drug addicted care-free group of cool kids from New York City. The film was released at the height of the HIV/AIDS epidemic that swept America in the mid 1990's, and aimed to dispel the stereotype of AIDS being a disease that could only be spread amongst homosexuals.


Starring a young talented cast (many with no or little acting experience) which included now-Hollywood actress, Rosario Dawson, and fashion IT girl, Chole Sevingy; Kids would make even the 'new and improved' Miley Cyrus blush and gasp. The film is so intense and the cinematography makes you feel like you are actually a part of some of the explicit scenes. It is shot in an edgy and interesting documentary-esqe way, which sometimes made you forget that it was a fictional story. It really showcased how desensitised we have become to certain worlds over generations and how young females in 1990s had taken ownership of their sexuality. Nevertheless, the film really did make you think twice about exposing yourself to smooth talkers (the films male protagonist, Telly, had GAME!) and sexual risk.

The soundtrack to the movie was a definite highlight for me, featuring tracks from hip-hop favourites A Tribe Called Quest and the Beastie Boys. The music really added to the vibe of the film and helped to capture and convey what it’s like to be a teenager in 1990s New York. My fave character had to be Casper (Justin Pierce), who's one liners and unique perspective on life had me rolling. Anyway, I don't wanna say too much and ruin the film for those who haven't seen it. Kids has definitely been added to the 'Lazy Sunday' film list. After a bit of research, I discovered that a few cast members had unfortunately passed away from drug related circumstances or suicide. Tragic examples of life imitating art...

Sandra x