This London based rapper is definitely one to keep an eye out for. My prediction is that this guy is about to blow! His debut mixtape ‘The Loudest Quiet’ (released earlier this year) is so impressive and is my latest obsession. Produced entirely by the 23 year old, it really sets him apart from others on the current UK Hip Hop scene. With such a promising debut, I’m looking forward to seeing how his career and sound develops.

gerald butler mistape
gerald butler mistape

     Gerald Jacobs ‘The Loudest Quiet’

It has been so great watching UK Hip Hop come into its own over the last few years; a far cry from when UK-based rappers used to don fake American accents and relay fake Americanised tales. Gerald Jacobs is an example of true UK talent and he speaks for and represents a whole new generation. The generation facing new struggles in a society deemed 'progressive'. His flow is so rhythmic and hypnotic, and uniquely, his beats knock but still manage to sooth. His content is intelligent, thought provoking and conscious, and there is nothing that I’m a bigger fan of than Hip Hop that has a message and purpose.

His track ‘Many Thanks’ definitely has to be a current favourite of mine and is so relatable- ‘I have never been a stranger to no hope. Plenty of times I have trailed the wrong road…’. Gerald Jacobs has already received props from the likes of RWD Mag, and BBC Radio 1’s DJ Semtex. I am really happy that I stumbled across this guy before his inevitable takeover and I will be sure to keep an eye out for any live shows. Check out his soundcloud and let us know what you think! I’m certain that there is much more to come from this lyrical wonder.

Sandra x